Thomaes, S., Stegge, H., Olthof, T., Bushman, B. J., & Nezlek, J. B. (in press). Turning shame inside-out: "Humiliated fury" in young adolescents. Emotion.

This investigation used experimental and diary methods to examine young adolescents' angry responses to shameful events. In Study 1, participants were randomly exposed to a prototypical shameful event or control event, and their self-reported feelings of anger were measured. In Study 2, participants reported each school day, for 2 weeks, the shameful events they experienced that day. They also nominated classmates who got angry that day. Narcissism was treated as a potential moderator in both studies. As predicted, shameful events made children angry. Narcissism influenced children's shame-based angry responses, although this effect was limited to boys in Study 2. These results corroborate clinical theory holding that shameful events can initiate instances of "humiliated fury".