Nezlek, J. B., & Galano, J. (1993). Developing and maintaining state-wide adolescent pregnancy prevention coalitions: A preliminary investigation. Health Education Research Theory: Theory and Practice, 8, 433-447.

This paper presents the results of a study of statewide adolescent pregnancy prevention coalitions. Key informats in five states throughout the southern United States were given semi-structured interviews regarding the adolescent pregnancy prevention coalitions in their states. From these interviews and other documents, conclusions were drawn regarding the nature and importance of the environments within which these coalitions operate, the universe of activities in which coalitions engage, and the stages of development of these coalitions. Katz and Kahn's model of social organizations served a s a bsasis for understanding coalitions in terms of these threee considerations. Future research should consider the utility of organizational models that can explain more fully the organization-committee hybrid structure that tends to characterize these coalitions.