Nezlek, J., & Wheeler, L. (1984). RIRAP: Rochester Interaction Record Analysis Package. Psychological Documents, 14, p. 6, fiche 2610.

This paper presents a set of computer programs that can be used to analyze data generated by the Rochester Interaction Record (RIR). The Record is a self-report diary technique that allows investigators to study naturally occurring social behavior. It provides quantitative and reliable indices descriptive of such behaviors. Guidelines and instructions for conducting a study using the Record are provided. Instructions for gathering data, preparing them for analysis by the programs, and combining them with other data are included. A brief rationale for the conventions used in the programs is provided along with some information regarding appropriate uses of the data. The reference section contains all published or presented papers that have used the RIR. Information about computer tape copies of the programs can be obtained from John Nezlek, Department of Psychology, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA 23817.