Editorial reviewing:

Consulting editor, Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology

Consulting editor, International Journal of Intercultural Relations

Consulting editor, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

Consulting editor, Social Influence

Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Self and Identity

Personal Relationships

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology

European Journal of Personality

Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

European Journal of Social Psychology

Journal of Social Psychology

Journal of Personality

Anxiety, Stress, and Coping

Motivation and Emotion


Cognition and Emotion

Social Cognition

Canadian Journal of Social Psychology

Discourse Analysis

Journal of Marriage and Family

Behavior Research and Therapy

National Institute Health

National Science Foundation

Professional affiliations:

International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

International Association for Relationships Research

Association for Research in Personality

Society of Experimental Social Psychology

Society for Personality and Social Psychology