Occasional Workshops on Multilevel Analysis

As suggested by the term "Occasional" I offer multilevel analysis workshops on an infrequent, unscheduled basis. That is, someone (typically representing some collective) contacts me about my willingness to offer a workshop on multilevel analysis, and we schedule a workshop at a mutually convenient time and place. Workshops typically last for 1.5 to 2.0 days, with breaks in the middle of morning and afternoon sessions to allow people to unwind, clear their heads, or whatever.

Upcoming workshops

None scheduled at this time.

General schedule

During the first day I discuss and describe the multilevel perspective (e.g., how relationships between the same constructs can vary across levels of analysis), including a rationale for using multilevel random coefficient modeling (MRCM, or more simply, MLM), the appropriate term for what many call hierarchical linear modeling. During the first day I also begin to describe how to use the program HLM, the program I prefer to use to conduct MLM analyses. Although various programs can conduct MLM analyses, I think HLM is the easiest to use and provides the clearest view of exactly what an analysis is doing (or not doing).

During the second day, I describe HLM analyses in more detail, and preferably, people conduct analyses of their own data with my assistance. If they do not have data, there are plenty of multilevel data sets available, particularly those that come with the program HLM. By the way, HLM offers an excellent shareware (free) version of the program, available at ssicentral.com, and I encourage people to download this program and bring their own laptops to the workshop. During both days, I emphasize how to prepare raw data for HLM analyses. Unlike many stat packages, there are no "built in" analyses in HLM. So, analysts need to anticipate the analyses they will do as they prepare their data for analysis. Also, please know I have no affiliation with SSI, either formal or informal. I recommend and use HLM simply because I like it.

By the end of the workshop, participants should:
  1. Have some understanding of why MLM analyses are better than the various alternatives
  2. Be able to prepare their data for using the program HLM
  3. Be able to conduct HLM analyses and interpret the results
Having described these goals, it is important to keep in mind that multilevel analyses are quite complex and that it takes some time to understand the important subtleties that must be taken into account. Moreover, these subtleties will vary as a function of the data structures and hypotheses with which one is working. The workshop is intended to teach people how to use some basic tools. It is the beginning of what needs to be a self-educational process about how to use these powerful tools.

For academics, the price for a workshop varies somewhat from country to country and as function of the coverage that is desired. Given fluctuating exchange rates and expenses, it is difficult to provide an exact estimate, but rates are based on a fee of between 4500 and 6000 USD for each workshop. I will add that I am flexible about all this if your budget is limited. Please note that I think of fees after taxes have been deducted. Different countries (and some states in the US) have different tax policies regarding consulting or training income, particularly for non-residents. Differences and changes in these policies make it impossible for me to know in advance what sort of a "chunk" local, state, and federal governments will want to take. Moreover, given that I am not a resident, it is functionally impossible for me to recover such taxes. Of course, cash is always welcome.

For all workshops, expenses consist of 3 nights accommodation (nothing fancy is necessary). One night before the first day, one night between the two days, and a third night after the second day (I am usually pretty beat by the end of day 2). You can also take me out to dinner if you want. For US locations, travel expenses are from Williamsburg, Va to your location. For international destinations, travel expenses are negotiable. For example, if I am in Europe for other reasons (fairly common), travel expenses would be from wherever I was staying. Of course, if you want me to make a special trip to wherever you are, that is also possible.
Fees may vary somewhat as a function of how many people are attending and general expenses. The best size for a workshop is 20 or less. This allows the opportunity for more personal attention, questions, etc. Please know that I do not conduct these workshops as a second career. (The standard rate for such workshops is often 600USD or more per person) Certainly, I do not mind being paid, but one of the important reasons I offer these workshops is to meet new and interesting people and to have a reason or excuse to go to new and interesting places. I have given multilevel workshops across the world, and in the process I have had some wonderful times, and in all modesty, I think participants have learned something quite useful. References available upon request.